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    • XOYO SMOGY X5 •Vape device

      Pleasing in inspiration and freedom in foggy.

      Integrated life aesthetics, It is light luxury and classic; Adopted high-end oxidation to process elaborately, it feels fine and smooth. Visually, it is delicate, emotionally it is love unforgettable.

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    • XOYO SMOGY X5 •Vape pod

      Made of heaven, very favorite fog!

      Creature from nature, fog the most adored. Creature from nature, fog the most adored. New and upgraded atomization taste, the most preferred experience of smoke. RUBYCORE INSIDE FORMICARY™ Ceramic atomizer. New Atomization New Technology New Taste

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    Characteristics of XOYO products : FORMICARY ceramic atomizer, new technology, new atomization and new taste

    • FORMICARY ceramic atomizer


    • New technique

      RUBYCORE debuts authorization cooperation

    • New style atomization

      New experience of micron atomization

    • New taste

      The most popular experience of playing with fog!

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