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    XOYO SMOGY X5, the first adopts the new technology of RUBYCORE atomization, takes the lead in bringing new atomization experience to consumers;


    After a long period of market research, iiMedia research has found out the main reasons for consumers to choose atomized tobacco are health and environmental protection. "Can alleviate dependence on nicotine", "numerous tastes" and "reduce the response after tobacco quitting" are the main reasons for attracting consumers to use atomized tobacco products, accounting for 55%, 46% and 38% respectively. The atomized smoke brands tend to highlight the contribution of atomized smoke in health and environmental protection when promoting the products, and at the same time, it highlights the characteristics of product taste, making it a selling point of products.

    From the perspective of consumers, taste experience is one of the key indicators to measure the quality of electronic atomizer, and also the top priority of the development of electronic atomizer technology. As the core atomizer component, the atomizer is the key factor affecting the taste and the "heart" of atomizing technology. The good taste cannot be separated from the high-quality atomizer.

    As we all know, Smoore ceramic atomization is well known in the market. As early as 2018, the technology of FEELM ceramic atomizer won the Golden Leaf Awards. The mainstream brands such as RELX, YOOZ and XUEJIA all introduced the FEELM ceramic atomizer, which has achieved fruitful results at that time. It is reported that the SMOORE team is still working on improvements, contributing more to the atomization industry. With the continuous upgrading of the consumer market, the consumers demand more for product experience. The atomization companies keep working on technology development and innovation, and atomizing technology is in continuously updating and iterating.

    After more than 700 days of research and development, the team of RUBICORE Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. finally made a revolutionary breakthrough in ceramic structure. They created a new ceramic insert structure, FORMICARY microporous structure with unique formula. It is composed of rsi3n4, which is a ceramic with high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance and self-lubrication. The linear expansion coefficient is the smallest of all ceramics. It has excellent corrosion resistance, besides hydrofluoric acid, can resist corrosion of other acids, and can resist any kinds of metal corrosion, and has excellent electrical insulation and radiation resistance. After forming, it presents a kind of color like ruby, so it is named RUBYCORE ceramic atomizing core.

    The RUBYCORE ceramic atomizer is a kind of internal microstructure created by nano micro carving technology, which has porous and multiphase distribution. It has the advantage of self-adaptive self-equilibrium for oil storage lock and oil guide. It further solves the pain point of oil leakage in the industry, realizes better oil and gas exchange, and adds the power grid structure of wide metal, It can accurately, intelligently and stably control electric heat conduction, and make the instant steam fog with heating starting speed increased by 2.5 times. The atomization molecule reaches nanometer level, and the taste is more delicate, soft and has high reduction degree.

    The unique patent shape design of the RUBYCORE ceramic atomizer core is more suitable for automatic assembly and production efficiency. The RUBYCORE atomization technology has epoch-making significance, redefines the pattern of the mainstream atomization scheme, creates a new milestone in the field of atomization technology, and provides more and better choices for the atomization brand. It is reported that at present, the XOYO SMOGY X5 atomizer of Shenzhen Yueke Atomization Technology Co., Ltd. has adopted the new technology of RUBYCORE atomization, which has brought a new atomization experience to the majority of consumers;

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