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    We have prepared 3 years for today’s meeting – XOYO SMOGY X5


    Time goes by, it is like a beautiful girl, never stopped her graceful pace of progress! The young born after 1995 has sprung up to occupy the mainstream of the new trend consumer groups! Its personality of exploration, innovation and self-pursuit has deeply affected the brand positioning of domestic atomizer market.

    XOYO, as a high-tech electronic atomization brand of Shenzhen Yueke Atomization Technology, is based on the new generation of consumer groups born after 95, looling into the future, XOYO digs deeper cultural connotation and spiritual needs of products, integrates aesthetics into life, and creates light luxury and introverted electronic atomization products!

    The brand name of XOYO comes from the overall advantages and essence of the families. Joy, happiness and luckiness are called XI; protection, assistance and companionship are called YO. XOYO meaning accompanying you to a happy and joyful life!

    Since the establishment of brand XOYO, XOYO SMOGY X5 has been popular among the after 95s. XOYO SMOGY X5 adopts a new RUBYCORE FORMICARY ceramic atomization core to create a new atomization, new technology, a new taste of natural products and favorite fog. Integrating life into aesthetics, using high-end oxidation technology to process elaborately, and the feeling is delicate and smooth. Visually, it is delicate, emotionally it is love unforgettable.

    XOYO SMOGY X5 completely displays the brand culture of innovation, technology, pleasure and freedom. Catering to the preferences of the post-95, a new generation of consumer groups. They see through products the cultural value, experience a new lifestyle. At the same time, the zirconium sand anodizing process is applied to the product to make XOYO SMOGY X5 both comfortable and fashionable. The unique flat mouth shape of harmonica and the new technology of RUBYCORE FORMICARY ceramic atomizing core perfectly echo and complement each other, making the four classic colors of XOYO SMOGY X5 rainbow blue, flamingo pink, flame red and knight black unique and stunning! Each product is like a light tentacle, breezing gently, happy and fully filled! In addition, in order to cater to the critical taste buds of post-95 consumers, XOYO SMOGY X5 has a variety of flavors to choose from! Fog starts, directly hit the taste buds, relieve stress, satisfy your thirst, and taste like the real, aroma lingers.

    In the face of fierce competition in the electronic atomization industry market, XOYO takes focusing on building a famous brand in the atomization industry as its vision and making XOYO the most reliable brand as its mission to remain invincible in the fierce market competition! The brand operators of XOYO will work for the product landing as the base, the messengers of culture transmission and the experience center of new life, making XOYO and the brand operators a closely related community of interests, share weal and woe!

    The flexible marketing strategies and user-focus operation ideas help XOYO overcome difficulties and become a rising star in the industry!

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