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    XOYO join hands with RUBYCORE FORMICARY ceramic to show their muscles for the first time


    With the improvement of domestic material living standards and progress of atomizer market, the new trend consumer group of Z- era born after 1995 has gradually become the mainstream. They are curious about new things, enjoy all kinds of exploration and trying, pay attention to personality, please themselves, and are critical about the life’s quality and taste.

    Shenzhen Yueke Atomization Technology builds a modern brand named XOYO, which is tailored for young adult users. After investigated thousands of people, XOYO was finally selected from 365 names. XI: joy, happiness, luckiness; You (YO): protect, help and accompany. XOYO conveys the meaning of accompanying you to a happy and joyful life. Its brand color orange means young and vigor. This young brand image conveys in every angle the feeling of vitality, imagination, and fashion, simple but unique.

    In order to fit into the spirit of Z era value, XOYO launched a four-D business plan. This plan analyzes the brand concept of XOYO from the four dimensions of product, brand, environment and service. Fully demonstrate the brand spirit of "technology, vitality, fashion and pleasure" of XOYO.

    When the Z-era group purchase products, they essentially agree with the way of living and cultural values brought by the brand. XOYO integrates brand culture with Z- era Group. Through brand culture concept, it produces more commonness with Z -era Group and gives them a better choice of lifestyle.

    XOYO launched the first electronic atomizer, XOYO SMOGY X5. The unique flat mouth shape of harmonica echoes with the lip suction part. With RUBYCORE FORMICARY ceramic technology, every product is like a jumpy note, here comes the feeling of joy and poetry.

    In the detail design of XOYO SMOGY X5, zirconium sand anodizing shell is adopted to ensure the extremely comfortable hand feel and fashionable look.


    Four colors have been released for the vape device, they are: rainbow blue / Flamingo / flame red / Knight black. The first eight flavors of vape pods are Classic old popsicle / Sweet pineapple juice / Sour passion fruit / Iced watermelon / Rose grape / Green bean slushie / Longjing Jasmine / Icy Miranda.

    With regional brand operators as the center, XOYO has launched a new model of manufacturer integrated industrial ecology through fair channel rules and unified cultural values.


    XOYO will take brand operators as the cornerstone, authorize complete regional management rights, and have a guaranteed and fair competitive environment, so that regional brand operators can become branches, business entities, brand implementers, and cultural transmitters in the region, XOYO and brand operators can form a community of interests, culture, and destiny practically.

    From the perspective of platform construction, XOYO builds an evergreen foundation with cultural values, talent team, sharing mechanism and manufacturer integration channel mode. With flexible marketing, product, store operation and user operation ideas to help XOYO overcome difficulties. One skill, one perseverance and one change show the strategic strength of XOYO, and also reflect the tactical efficiency of XOYO. I believe that in the near future, XOYO will become a shining star in the industry.


    At the present, XOYO is recruiting City partners in the whole country. Details can be found on the official website or wechat official account.

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