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    What exactly is the difference between an electronic atomizer and real smoke


    As the trend of electronic atomizer replacing traditional cigarettes spread from foreign countries to big cities in China, but also to the country. Many smokers still know little about him, and one of the most questions asked by his friends is, "What is the difference between electronic atomizers and cigarettes?"


    To this end, I compiled a special article on the comparison of "electronic atomizers and cigarettes", comparing electronic atomizers and cigarettes from multiple dimensions.

    One: the difference in the appearance

    Cigarette: The appearance and structure are basically the same, are the traditional cigarette shape plus a cigarette butt. The only difference is the size, thickness, color of some different on different brands of cigarettes.


    Electronic atomizer: a variety of shapes, sizes, different brands of electronic atomizer have different performance and appearance, but there is always what you want.


    Two: the difference between the working principle

    Cigarettes: Burning tobacco at 800~1000 ° C creates smoke, releasing tar, nicotine and other substances.


    Electronic atomizer: supply the atomizer through the main machine, which evaporates the smoke oil inside the atomizer core to produce smoke, and release substances such as nicotine and edible essence (also can choose smoke oil without nicotine).


    Three: The difference in composition

    Cigarettes: Cigarette tobacco will produce tar, nicotine, phenol, alcohols, acids, and more than 4,000 toxic substances harmful to humans after aldehydes.


    Electronic atomizer: electronic atomizer cigarette oil of the main components are: PG(propylene glycol), VG(vegetable glycerin is also called propylene glycol), other edible essence, nicotine (can be selectively added), water these five substances, except nicotine are basically harmless to the human body.

    Four: The difference between the electronic atomizer and the cigarettes

    The difference between using the methods

    Cigarettes: Light the tobacco directly. You can start smoking the tobacco after it begins to burn.

     Electronic atomizer: add the smoke oil to the electronic atomizer, and then wait a few minutes until the smoke oil fully penetrates into the atomization core, turn on the electronic atomizer host and then press the ignition key on the electronic atomizer host to smoke it.


    The difference between the smoke

    Cigarettes: Cigarettes burn to produce solid particles of smoke, which contains carbon monoxide, nicotine and other nearly 4,000 chemicals, most of which are harmful to the human body. Different brands of cigarette nicotine concentrations also vary, the smoke color is somewhat different, and large particles of smoke can cause irreversible harm to the lungs.

    Electronic atomizer: The smoke of the electronic atomizer is actually water vapor. The color of the smoke is milky and the water in the smoke is sufficient, which can be obviously felt by the smoke from the nose. And the smoke granularity of the electronic atomizer is very small.

    Five: The difference in taste

    Cigarette: The taste of cigarettes is relatively single, basically all tobacco flavor, some of the cigarettes have mint in it.


    Electronic atomizer: the taste of electronic atomizer is more rich and strange, can be roughly divided into: fruit taste, tobacco taste, sweet taste these three categories of thousands of different flavors.


    Six: The difference between the electronic atomizer and the cigarettes

    The difference in the cost

    Cigarette: the unit price of cigarettes is not the same, there are a few yuan of a pack of low-grade cigarettes, 10~30 yuan of low-end cigarettes, also hundreds of pieces of high-grade cigarettes, more hundreds of thousands of rare cigarettes. The price is different, and everyone's cigarette addiction is different, the cost of use fluctuates greatly.

    Electronic atomizer: The cost of the original purchase of equipment is most of the cost of cigarette oil, but the average cost should not be higher than the cost of cigarettes.


    The difference between second-hand smoke

     Cigarettes: The second-hand smoke emitted after burning cigarettes and smoke cigarettes has a strong pungent smell and contains a lot of harmful substances, which will cause great harm to the health of people around you.

    Electronic atomizer: Although the smoke produced by smoking the electronic atomizer is large but scattered quickly, and the electronic atomizer smoke contains flavors such as fruit and other fruits, which will have no impact on others.


    Electronic atomizers are changing their traditional smoking habits faster than everyone thinks, gradually forming a new culture of smokers. See the above 8 dimensions to help you understand the difference between the two and have a deeper understanding of the electronic atomizer.

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