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    • Sales Manager Shenzhen 5 2021-06-22

      职位信息 (Position information):

      1. 负责开展电子雾化器业务的渠道销售业务(大客户、代理商);负责市场调研和需求分析,制定销售计划; 

        Responsible for the channel sales business of electronic atomizer business (large customers and agents); Market research and demand analysis, Formulate the sales plan;

      2. 落实执行公司制定的项目发展规划,并提出项目发展建议 ;

        Implement the project development plan formulated by the Company; And put forward project development suggestions;  

      3. 负责销售渠道和客户管理:对客户进行评估分级,开发引进优质客户/代理商,维护与客户的良好合作关系;

        Responsible for sales channels and customer management: evaluate and grading customers, Develop and introduce high-quality customers / agents, Maintain a good partnership with the customers; 

      4. 落实价格策略,确保公司商品具有市场竞争力,达成公司分配的销售任务和目标;

        Implement the price strategy; Ensure market competitiveness, Realize the sales tasks and objectives assigned by the Company;

      5. 充分了解市场趋势,具有敏锐的市场洞察力,及时对销售数据进行分析,发现问题并制定合理的改进方案;开展有效的品类营销活动 。 

        Full understanding of market trends, Strong market insight, Timely analysis of the sales data, Find out problems and develop reasonable improvement plans; Carry out effective category marketing activities.  

      任职要求(Job requirements):


           College degree or above, Priority with industry experience; 


           Excellent business negotiation ability, decision-making judgment and organizational ability; 


          Good data analysis ability, market insight, marketing planning ability;  


          Strong dedication, Good communication ability and compression resistance ability.


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