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    About XOYO

    XOYO is a high-tech consumer electronic atomizer brand of Shenzhen Yueke Atomization Technology. Taking the perfect product experience as the core driving force, always taking the market demand as the guidance, integrating innovation and sense of social responsibility, ensuring product quality and safety, improving customers’ experience, providing users with atomizing products of fashionable shape and excellent quality, and guiding people to pursue a fashionable healthy lifestyle.

    XI: joy, happiness, luckiness

    You (YO): protect, help and accompany

    XiYou (XOYO) conveys the meaning of accompanying you to a happy and joyful life.

    Looking into the future, XOYO is good at digging out the cultural and spiritual needs behind the products, tuning to the slogan of "technology, vitality, fashion and pleasure". It creates an innovative brand of atomization technology for steaming consumption.

    Shenzhen Yueke Atomization Technology Co., Ltd. integrates R & D, production, sales and service. It has its own brand trademark “XOYO”, a green product manufacturing capacity in line with ROHS requirements and a perfect supply chain.Yueke Atomization Technology has self-developed the FORMICARY ceramic atomization technology RUBYCORE INSIDE, which promotes the iteration and evolution of electronic atomization products with scientific and technological innovation. Realized no burnt, no oil leakage, no mixed taste! Greatly improved the leading brand’s experience!
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    Production Line
  • 800000+

    Capacity reserve
  • Brand Culture

    Committed to improving your life quality, become a quality symbol!
    Innovative electronic atomizer leader, born for global smokers, born for a better life!

    • Brand values
      Innovation, technology, pleasure, freedom
    • Brand mission
      Atomization creates a better life!
    • Brand Vision
      Focus on building a well-known brand in the atomization industry to create value for the society;

    Our team

    The founding team of XOYO has been deeply engaged in the electronic atomizer industry for many years and has contributed to the world's leading electronic atomizer brands.

    The major management all come from top enterprises such as the globally well-known consumer electronics, FMCG and Internet.

    They drive XOYO to be a trustworthy brand with common values.